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Nick Priest Turns Lemons into Lemonade & Games into Gamechangers

In his final days, Nick Priest's father taught him this lesson:“Don’t just accept your fate. Decide your fate.”Little did his dad know that the tenacity he showed would inspire Nick to start devoting his life to others at the age of 4.


Teen Who Lost His Gaming Partner When Dad Died Brings The Power of Play–and Connection–to Kids Facing Illness

As a little boy, Nick Priest loved playing video games with his dad, Joe, who was a wiz at all things tech and gaming. They started off with Nick holding...

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A good distraction' | After losing dad, Salesianum senior starts program to game with sick kids

Upcoming senior at Salesianum Nick Priest knows the power gaming can have, both as a bonding experience between individuals, and as a tool for relieving stress. "My dad and I always played video games when I was little...


After Losing His Gamer Dad, Teen Starts Gaming Nonprofit To Help Sick Children

A high school senior started a nonprofit to play video games with sick kids in honor of his original gaming partner: his dad. Nick Priest inherited his love of video games from his dad, who passed away when Nick was six.